Municipal Compensation and Benefit Survey

Welcome to the MTAS Salary and Benefit Survey

For years MTAS has conducted the annual salary and benefit survey the same way and after careful review, MTAS has initiated the "Online Salary and Benefit Survey Project." We are now collecting both salary and benefit information.

Several years ago, MTAS began the lengthy process of reviewing numerous compensation survey sites and negotiating with various software vendors. After careful consideration, MTAS selected the vendor that manages the Municipal Association of South Carolina’s Compensation Survey, VC3. VC3 is a dynamic IT services organization that has spent the last decade delivering services to both the commercial and public sectors, and it has been a crucial partner in implementing this new online service.

What does this online move mean to you and your city? The move to an online survey provides cities with several advantages. First, the data in the survey will be the most current information. Second, cities will have the ability to modify their data at any time resulting in real-time information rather than numbers that are, at most, a year-and-a-half out of date. Third, the most beneficial aspect of the online format is the ability to browse all data, search for specific data, or select the data you want to review, such as municipality, position, salary range, fiscal budget, specific benefits and much more. Finally, cities will also have the ability to download information into Excel spreadsheets at any time without having to wait.

Please login below with the password information that has been provided to you. After you have logged-in, you will be prompted to select either the salary or benefit survey. Make your selection and proceed to the database of your choice. Once you have completed and certified the data in one survey, you can easily go back and begin completing the other survey.

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